Foster Brunsco ONE DOLLAR Challenge

Brunsco Foster Closet
*Love is a Verb*

Think of ALL the things you utilized to raise your sweet children, all of the diapers, clothes, toys, gadgets and tools... Now how many of those, fit into a small child-sized backpack? Basically none of it, am I right?
This is the predicament that dozens of Foster Parents are in, when it comes to serving the children of Brunswick County on the worst day of their life.
When Child Protective Services intervenes in family life, it does not typically come with a long phase of planning. Birth Parents are dealing with either tragedy or consequence, from actions and behaviors, that are independent of their children. If a child's safety is at risk, the child will be placed with a home of Licensed Foster Parents for anywhere from 24 hours to 2 years.
The child with whatever belongings they might have are far from a complete set. The State provides a monthly stipend, but what will the next 30 days look like? What could you receive in a small backpack that would suffice for even a short term? Not much.
Love Is A Verb Foster Closet was modeled after ministries in Wake County, where Foster Parents Billy & Mitzi Rave were licensed, before moving to Brunswick county in 2016.
The Foster Closet exists to equip parents with immediate clothing needs and more, as available. We began in March 2018 gathering and soliciting donations of NEW or GENTLY USED clothing and children's items, from Birth through 18 years of age. Toiletries and pre-packaged new undergarments, Baby Swings, Booster Seats, if your family needed it... they likely will too!
THE CLOSET is setup at Supply Baptist Church where upon receiving a new Child Placed in their home, Foster Parents can come and shop (by appointment only) for that Child's items free of charge.
Additionally, we will allow parents to bring in clothes that have been outgrown to be exchanged out for larger sizes.
This is a ministry of Supply Baptist Church (Non-Profit 501c3) which means your donations of funds (Checks made to Supply Baptist memo:FosterCloset) or items may be tax deductible (Contact your CPA).
Will you consider donating? Many cannot open their homes, Many tell me they couldn't handle the emotional stress of loving a child and then seeing them go home, Many have a multitude of reasons why they cannot Foster... But everyone has the ability to Donate!
The next time you think “Good Will” we ask you to consider what “God will?”
Protecting, Serving, and Loving the “Least of These” is very close to His heart... Help us show Foster and Birth Parents alike... What Love LOOKS like, because Love Is A Verb- It requires committed action!
Loving and Serving Brunswick Through Christ.